Bukowski Tavern Mug Club

Official Rules and Shit

  • Customer has 6 months from date started to complete the entire card.
  • Every beer on the card must be paid for by the card holder.
  • Only 1 person may drink from the card- In other words the completion of the card cannot be a collaboration between multiple people.
  • Once the card is complete the mug may only be used by the person who has completed the card. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
  • Bukowski Tavern reserves the right to deny new mug club member use of mug (which may be based on barternder/servers discretion)
  • Staff of Bukowski Tavern reserves the right to limit the number of beer consumed each session in pursuit of completion of card.
  • Mug club members may opt to be a part of Bukowski Tavern’s email list to receive updates and periodic newsletters of Tavern events.
  • Mugs are not transferable between the two Bukowski locations. Mug holders in Cambridge do not have mug privileges in the Back Bay location and vice versa.
  • Bukowski Tavern is not responsible for any excessive weight gain, marriage annulments, black eyes, one night stands, or spur of the moment tribal tattoo arm bands that one may incur throughout the process of completing your mug.
  • Although completing a mug is an awesome accomplishment, it does not shoot said customer into the ranks of infinite coolness that are currently occupied by the bar staff at Bukowski Tavern.
  • Being a mug holder is a privilege not a right; please respect this establishment and the staff might just do the same.
  • If your mug breaks while it is in Bukowski Tavern, it will be replaced (no charge)
  • Management reserves the right to deny certain beers to be served in mugs (based on alcohol content, style, price, etc…)
  • Please drink responsibly.