[TOP 5] Best 6 Bottle Wine Cooler Reviews In 2021

5 Best 6 Bottle Wine Cooler Reviews Tips And Guides

Are you looking for the Best 6 Bottle Wine Cooler for your house? If yes, you should read our reviews for more details.

For those who are new to collecting wine and do not know where to keep their collection, a 6 bottle wine cooler is probably the optimal option. There is no need to buy a 6 bottle wine cellar just like those who are veteran collectors usually do. Instead, you just begin by keeping your collection in a 6 bottle wine fridge so that you can display it in your living room or kitchen.

However, there is a wide range of bottle wine coolers available on the market today. Therefore, it is quite difficult to get the best, especially for those who just take up collecting wine. To help them to choose the most suitable one, we have listed the best 6 bottle wine fridge, followed by a buying guide and some frequently asked questions. Keep reading and make your own decision!
Best 6 Bottle Wine Cooler

Top 5 Best 6 Bottle Wine Cooler Reviews 

1. Best 6 Bottle Wine Coolers: Koolatron WC06 Thermoelectric Cooler With Digital Temperature Controls 

Koolatron Urban Series 6 Bottle Wine Cooler, Thermoelectric Wine Fridge, 0.65 cu. ft. Freestanding Wine Cellar for Small Kitchen, Apartment, Condo, Cottage, RV
  • AFFORDABLE LUXURY - This 6 bottle wine fridge helps you get the most out of your favourite vintages
  • TOUCH SCREEN CONTROLS - Tap the digital display to easily adjust the temperature or turn on the interior LED light

If you are looking for a good-looking wine cooler, this Koolatron WC06 Thermoelectric Cooler with Digital Temperature Controls will definitely be the best choice. With its reflective black finish combined with the mirrored glass door, you can add it into your home décor with ease.

Besides, this cooler comes with digital temperature controls, making sure that you keep your wine at a perfect temperature. If you want to change the types of wine, just use a button to customize your temperature. Moreover, this display also helps you to know what is happening with your wines at any time.

In addition, the best 6 bottle wine cooler is a very compact appliance. With its ten-inch width, twenty-inch depth and less than fifteen-inch height, this equipment does not take up too much space in your house. Wherever you want to put it, it will fit the space you have perfectly.


  • Space-saving, can be put in any space in the house
  • Attractive, perfect to add into home décor
  • Easy to control temperature with digital temperature controls


  • Not as moderately-priced as other products
  • Not a perfect option to keep bottles with unusual sizes


2. Dometic MF-6W Silver 6-Bottle Wine Cooler 

Dometic MF-6W Silver 6-Bottle Wine Cooler
  • 16.3"H x 10.2"W x 18.5" D
  • Dometic RV Wine Chiller

Another product in the top 6 bottle wine fridge is this Dometic MF-6W Silver 6 Bottle Wine Cooler. With its silver-coloured finish, it will fit any kitchen décor. Besides, this 6 bottle wine fridge also comes with interior lighting and a glass door, making it easier for you and your friends to admire the collections. Moreover, the door consists of a magnetic lock that is superb strong, which guarantees that your wine collections will be stored safely.

Its original design includes three removable grid shelves, which enables you to keep up to six 12.6-inch length bottles. However, if you want to put more bottles with non-standard sizes, you can easily slide out the shelves. Furthermore, you can adjust the inside temperatures between 41 and 68 degrees, and this wine fridge can work well on both types of current – AC and DC.

With so many outstanding features, this 6 bottle wine cooler is surely worth buying.


  • Grid shelves are detachable, giving more space
  • Safe magnetic lock
  • Bright design


  • There may be some noise


3. Manoch 6 Bottle Small Electric Wine Cooler 

Manoch 6 Bottle Small Black Electric Wine Sake Rack Bar Cooler Refrigerator Glass Door Overall dimension: 20.1" x 9.8" x 14.5" (L x W x H) Temperature Range: 8 Degrees C to 18 Degrees C Color: Black
  • Brand new and high quality * Maintains the perfect temperature for wines * Compact and low energy consumption * Efficient thermoelectric cooling * Electronic touchpad for led temperature controlling and displaying * Glass see-though door
  • Low noise, low vibration * Removable steel shelves provide a sturdy and solid holder and is easy to clean * Temperature can be set between 8 degrees C to 18 degrees C * Hold up to 6 standard size wine bottles * Interior light can be turned on to showcase contents * Perfect for kitchen, bar, or dining room use

This Manoch 6 Bottle Small Electric Wine Cooler is also ranked in the top 6 bottle wine fridges. Because it is designed to be stand-alone, you can put it anywhere in the house, from countertops to the floor. Moreover, with its recessed handle, you can easily put in or take out your wines; and its mirrored glass door enables you to admire your collection without opening it up.

Another interesting point of this best 6 wine fridge is that it includes five shelves which are very strong. They are also removable so that you can clean with ease. Moreover, you can adjust the inside temperature and switch on the LED lighting in the cooler using a LED display.

Besides, this 6 bottle wine cooler comes with a thermoelectric cooling system, making sure that there is no noise during its operation. This also means that it is unnecessary to worry about whether there are vibrations that can impact the taste of wine.


  • No noise during operation
  • Very efficient
  • Economical and space-saving
  • Easy to clean and customize


  • So far we have found no cons


4. Vinotemp 6 Bottle Wine Fridge 

Vinotemp IL-OW006-2Z Romanzo 6-Bottle Open Wine Cooler, Black
  • The Il Romanzo 6-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cooler is perfect for displaying your best bottles.
  • The black metal body of this unit is enhanced by the stainless steel face with wide glass panel display window

Vinotemp is a brand which is renowned for wine cellars and wine fridges. Many of their best products are available on the market. Therefore, it is undoubted to rank this Vinotemp 6 Bottle Wine Fridge as the best 6 bottle wine cooler.

Unlike other wine coolers from this brand which are large and complex, this Vinotemp 6 Bottle Wine Fridge is compact and space-saving. This means that you can put it anywhere in your house, from the countertop to the floor.

Moreover, another noticeable feature of this wine cooler is that it enables you to keep open bottles cold. Therefore, it is regarded as the best open wine cooler available today. If you are running a pub, restaurant or bar, this open wine fridge is highly recommended because it can store wine more artistically. Finally, this 6 bottle wine cooler can also be gifted to your friends or those who are passionate about collecting wine.


  • Small and compact
  • Unique design
  • Makes sure your open wine bottles remain cold


  • Might be a bit costly


5. 6 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator Electric Thermoelectric Bar Wine Rack with Slide-Out Shelves 

This 6 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator Electric Thermoelectric Bar Wine Rack with Slide-Out Shelves is also a perfect choice for you to store your wines. Like other appliances in this list, this bottle wine cooler is compact. By that I mean, it can fit any space in the house, so you do not need to consider where to put it. Besides, if you intend to hold a big party outside, simply take this best 6 bottle wine cooler to the garden. Therefore, you do not have to travel many times for drinks.

In addition, this 6 bottle wine fridge comes with removable grid shelves. This enables you to slide out for extra space if you want to store larger wine bottles. This also makes it easier for you to clean the appliance.

Moreover, you can easily adjust the temperature depending on your wines, from 46 to 65 degrees. When it comes to aesthetic value, with the black color, the 6 bottle wine cooler perfectly match any kinds of décor, which is another reason for choosing this wonderful product. Not to mention, the device is equipped with a glass door, so if you want to admire your collection or would like to show it to your guests, there should be no problem.


  • Very moderately-priced
  • Compact and light
  • Removable shelves


  • So far, we have found none


Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best 6 Bottle Wine Fridge?

It is often assumed that wines can be kept in a normal refrigerator like food instead of a wine cooler. However, this assumption is not true because the temperature of a fridge often ranges from 32 to 40 degrees, which is not high enough to keep wine. In addition, the high frequency of closing and opening the fridge and the stench of food such as fish or pork can have a negative impact on the taste of your wine. That is the reason why you should have a 6 bottle wine fridge. However, with the omnipresence of the products on the today’s market, it is really challenging to find the one that can suit both your needs and your budget. To help you select the best 6 bottle wine fridge, we provide you with some tips and important factors that need to be considered carefully.

1. Noise 

If you are buying a wine cellar, there is no need to worry about the noise. However, if you plan to purchase a wine cooler, noise is one of the features that you should consider. Because you will put the wine fridge in your house or room, you must make sure that there is no noise during its operation. To choose a wine cooler that meets this standard, you have to opt for a piece of equipment that comes with a thermoelectric cooling system. This also guarantees that no vibration can impact your wines.

2. Shelves 

To make sure the taste of your wine will not spoil, your beverage should always touch the cork. This guarantees the minimum moisture needed to keep the drink fresh. Moreover, you should select a wine cooler that includes detachable shelves, which makes it easier for you to store bottles with non-standard sizes.

3. Wine Fridge Cooling Zones 

The best 6 bottle wine fridge must come with separate cooling zones. This enables you to keep both types of wine – wine and red – simultaneously. For those who specialize in collecting wine, this function is very important and convenient, so it is often prioritized when they buy a wine fridge.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can Beer Be Kept In A Wine Fridge? 

Yes, you can use a wine cooler to store beer. In fact, you can use this appliance to keep any beverage. From water to liquor, a wine cooler is always a perfect option.

2. Should I Store Food Using A Wine Cooler? 

You should not use a wine fridge to keep food as a refrigerator. The temperature of a refrigerator often ranges from 32 to 40 degrees to prevent food from spoiling. This is too cold for wine or any beverage. Therefore, it is not recommended to use a wine cooler as a refrigerator.

3. Where Can I Put A 6 Bottle Wine Fridge In My House? 

A 6 bottle wine fridge is very compact. It does not take up too much space in your house. Therefore, you can place it anywhere as long as it is suitable for you.



We hope that our list of the top 6 bottle wine cooler with best reviews will be helpful and informative for buyers. Do not just read reviews of each appliance, instead, you should also pay attention to buying guides and some frequently asked questions. You can ascertain some useful information.

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