[TOP 10] Best Blender Under 100 Dollars Reviews In 2021

10 Best Blender Under $100 Reviews, Tips & Guides

Smoothie is gradually becoming the most popular drink for everybody thanks to its delicious taste and healthy effects. Furthermore, it is also an extremely essential drink to enjoy with various combination of fruits and vegetables for your own style. Smoothies are easy to prepare at home with a help of a good blender. Some blenders are quite expensive but the good news is that you still can find the best blenders under $100 with great performance.

We would like to recommend and review some good blenders with reasonable price for you to consider. You can make a good investment for your home with an appropriate blender to make your favorite smoothies, sauces, shakes, juice and other cooking spices.

Best Blender Under $100

🥇[TOP 10] Best Blender Under 100 Dollars Reviews In 2021

There is a wide range of blenders available on the market with different prices. Therefore, you should base on your budget to find out the most appropriate one in terms of performance, durability and lifetime. It will be quite difficult to find out which one is a better one.

We have collected and would like to review and recommend the best blenders under $100 for your consideration. Although the prices are very compatible; these blenders have outstanding performance for your everyday needs. You will be confident once you have all the information in hand to choose the most suitable blender your home or for your beloved friends. Let’s go through the best blender under 100$ list.

1. Ninja Professional 72oz – Best Blender For The Money

Ninja professional is a commercial grade with affordable price blender. It has a considerable large 72 oz container and is equipped with a 1000W motor. Furthermore, this motor has a special design so called as “Crushing technology” which will make the blender very powerful for all tasks. Thanks to this technology, you can save a lot of your time in making smoothies.

This will take approximately 30 seconds to blend no matter what is the input ingredients. This blender can be utilized for blending frozen fruits, sauces or purees with a various style. The large countertop blending capacity is greatly used for preparing large batches of icy drinks, smoothies, shakes for the whole family or party.

The container is made of plastic with five buttons for the ease of usage. You can actually blend frozen fruits or ice in just a second. This blender is also equipped with 6 blades which make it powerful in all modes in the fastest manner. The motor base and container are also easy to clean out.


  • Powerful motor of 1000W
  • 72 oz large container
  • Crush ice into snow in seconds
  • 5 buttons and 6 blades for the ease of usage
  • Top rated and sleek design


  • Plastic container instead of glass


02. NutriBullet NBR – 1201  Best smaller blender under $100

Best value

NutriBullet NBR is one of the best small size blenders under $100 which is worth buying. This blender is a great start for a healthy lifestyle with nutritious drinks. NutriBullet NBR is equipped with a powerful 600W motor and refined nutrient extraction blades. Therefore, it can be used to blend many fruits and vegetables such as spinach, frozen strawberries, frozen apples, frozen banana, frozen blue berries, frozen raspberries and others as you wish.

NutriBullet NBR blender own 12 pieces of accessories including high-torque power base, extractor blade, milling blade, tall cup, short cups, handed lip ring, regular lip ring, stay-fresh releasable lids, manual, pocket nutritionist. All of them are ready for your delicious smoothies.

Moreover, this blender owns an exclusive extraction technique which utilize the high-torque motor with cyclonic action together with the special extractor blades. This kind of technique will help to take the most essential and nutritious ingredients which lie almost in seeds or skins. The process is performed quickly within seconds to ready for a healthy smoothie.

Therefore, there is no need to waste your time in preparing your favorite and healthy drink to enjoy on the go. The BPA-free plastic cups are also easy to clean and safe for user.

Best Overall

NutriBuller blender is a perfect choice for you to prepare healthy and nutritious drinks which can prevent diseases, lose weight, relieve joint pain etc. It is durable, portable yet powerful for your everyday needs. In order to get the most of your life, you can start by getting the most of your foods starting by this small but outstanding blender. This blender will inevitably a best choice for your home or as a special gift to your beloved friends.


  • 12 pieces accessories blender
  • High-torque 600W motor base
  • Special extractor blade to take the most nutritious parts
  • BPA free plastic cups
  • Reasonable price and easy to clean


  • Small size and is not suitable for a big scale family or party


3. Magic bullet – Best rated blender under $100

There are many reasonable blenders which are available on the market for crushing nuts and seeds, blending smoothies, juices, shakes and other tasks. However, the most affordable one is Magic Bullet blender. Despite its small size, it is still a profitable investment for small families. This blender is definitely a supportive assistant in your kitchen thanks to its durability and multifunction.

Magic bullet has a set of accessories including 11 pieces which are blender, extra blender, blades, cups, recipes book and others. You can create your smoothies, shakes and other special drinks in whatever ways you want in an easy manner. The container is not made of glass but it is very durable with high-compacted plastic. Moreover, this blender owns a high-torque 250W motor which is powerful enough for its size.

In conclusion, Magic bullet will save your time and help you to enjoy your life to the full by blending the healthy drinks within seconds. You can also be creative with provided recipe book to try out different combinations of fruits, vegetables and nuts. Since its price is very reasonable, it will be a great gift to friends and families.


  • 11 pieces accessories blender
  • High-torque 250W motor base
  • Top rated with affordable price
  • Cups and top-rack are dishwasher safe


  • Small size and is not suitable for a big scale family or party


4. Hamilton Beach – Best glass blender under $100

Halmilton Beach will be the best choice for those who are looking for a blender at an affordable price yet comes with large capacity. This blender will mix everything together is a smooth way for the best result with dedicated “Wave action technology”.

Halmilton Beach is equipped with a 700W peak motor for a powerful performance especially ice crushing. Therefore, it can be capable of blending a variety of frozen fruit smoothies or icy drinks. Furthermore, it owns 12 different functions with 5 simple buttons to operate. Thanks to the no-mess pour spout with a hinged cap, it is easy to handle than ever for your tasks.

The glass container is 40 oz which will allow you to prepare a large amount of drinks and meals. Both the blade and jar are easy to remove and clean and also dishwasher safe. This is apparently the best blender under $100 with multiple programmed functions and large capacity. The warranty term is also long enough to give you the confidence in using.


  • 700W peak powerful motor base for outstanding performance\
  • 12 programmed functions with 5 buttons for the ease of control
  • Unique wave action technology
  • Glass jar which is dishwasher safe
  • No-mess pouring spout and hinged cap


  • No replaceable blade options


5. BLACK+DECKER – 10 speeds with pulse function

BLACK+DECKER is a very famous brand name for many household products such as electric fillet knives, air fryers, steam cleaners, portable lighting, and portable power. You can find almost everything that you need for your kitchen with BLACK+DECKER. They are also a prestigious manufacturer for blender with a size of 40 ounces glass jar which is not large but ideal for preparing frozen mixers, soup, smoothies or other popular drinks. The choice of a glass jar can also be replaced by a plastic one (separately bought) in order to reduce the total weight and bring the best comfort to users.

BLACK+DECKER blender is equipped with a powerful 550W motor which can deliver ice crushing performance smoothly. Furthermore, it has a 4-point blade to blend at multi levels to enhance the efficiency as well as the blending power. Thanks to the 10 speeds with pulse, you can choose the most appropriate and consistent speed in order to achieve the great outcomes. You can also you the clear lid as a measuring device to make your smoothies precisely. All the removable parts are dishwasher safe for the ease of cleaning.


  • Durable 5-cụp glass jar
  • 4-point stainless steel blade
  • 10 speed with pulse function
  • 550W powerful motor base
  • Removable parts are dishwasher safe


  • The glass jar may be a little bit heavy for user with weak hands


6. Ninja Nutri Pro – Compact personal blender

Ninja Nutri Pro is a small yet powerful blender that suits perfectly for personal usage. It is built for dedicated purposes of making single serving of smoothies. Its container is doubles up so you can use this as a cup to drink directly. You just have to twist on the spout lids and enjoy your drinks on the go.

This blender is equipped with a powerful 900W motor which is capable of crushing any fruits and vegetables to make nutritious juices and smoothies. The unique technique will help to extract the most nutrients and vitamins. Furthermore, it also has the pulse mode which is controlled manually to crush ice, seeds, frozen fruit, nuts to a smooth texture.

This blender is portable and very convenient compared with others. All the parts and accessories are dishwasher safe and easy to clean in order to save time. They are also BPA free which is safe for health.


  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Extract vitamins and blends smaller ingredients
  • Portable and convenient for enjoy on the go


  • Suitable for personal use


7. Cuisinart CPB – Best budget friendly blender

Cuisinart CPB is another economical yet impressive blender in the top 10 of best blenders under $100 that is equipped with smart functions. This blender owns a small but mighty 350W motor which creates the impulsive action in the small jar in a tremendously effective way. Moreover, the electronic touchpad with LED indicator lights is a plus feature compared with others. Despite its small size, its power is superb high.

This compact blender comes together with a set of accessories including 04 BPA free Tritan travel cups, blender jar, chopping cup, razor-sharp stainless-steel blades, blending blade, chopping blade and a recipe book. The pulse control push button is very convenient since you can rise or low the level with only one push. Thanks to the handy design, it is extremely easy for you to blend in your own style within seconds.

Cuisinart CPB blender is a versatile tool for your kitchen. Due to its various accessories, you can perform a wide range of tasks such as grinding coffee, making soups, blending smoothies and shakes, chopping vegetables and nuts, making whipping cream etc. All the accessories are dishwasher safe with slim-fit design for the ease of storage.


  • 350W powerful motor
  • 03 functions touch pad with LED indicators
  • Safety interlock and auto-stop features
  • Pulse control with high and low level
  • All accessories are dishwasher safe
  • Comes with many accessories and a recipe book to maximize the creativity


  • The size is small and ideal for 01 person


8. KitchenAid KSB1575QG – 5-speed blender

KitchenAid blender is inevitably one of the best choices in the top 10 best blenders under $100. It is large, impressive, durable, powerful yet affordable in price. Furthermore, this model is available in different colors to match your style and your kitchen.

This blender owns the unique Diamond blending technology to achieve the outstanding performance along with 5 levels pulse settings and crush ice mode. This technique ensures all the ingredients are mixed together efficiently and smoothly. There are 03 important factors that contribute to this technique including a robust motor, BPA-free diamond pitcher, stainless steel blades in order to create a powerful vortex.

KitchenAid blender’s motor is of intelli-speed control which can senses the contents and then provide the optimal speed. Moreover, the speed is controlled steadily and consistently to achieve the best outcome. The soft start feature is also a plus since it will start slowly first and then increase the speed for a perfect blending.

Due to the die-cast metal base, it may be a little bit heavy. However, this kind of base will bring the stability to the best. The 60 oz BPA free Diamond pitcher is shatter-scratch and stain-resistant. All the accessories are dishwasher safe to save cleaning time.


  • Unique Diamond blending technique
  • Intelli-speed motor control senses
  • 60-oz BPA free Diamond pitcher
  • The pitcher is stain-resistant and dishwasher safe
  • Additional soft start feature
  • Reasonable price and attractive colors


  • The weight is not light


9. Cincred shake mixer – Best personal blender under $100

Cincred shake mixer is a perfect choice for those who love healthy drinks such as smoothies, fruit and vegetable drinks. The compact size and affordable price are two reasons why you should choose this blender for everyday personal use.

This blender utilizes the unique blending feature in order to achieve the outstanding performance. All the ingredients will be mixed together smoothly and effortlessly within seconds. The equipped stainless-steel blades have different angles to ensure the perfect outcome. The power of Cincred, special blades design and cyclonic action work together to extract the most nutritious parts from food for the effortless absorption of your body. This process will break down the cell walls of fibrous plant foods in order to release valuable vitamins and minerals. Therefore, nutrient extraction will help you to receive the highest level of nutrition from all foods.

The powerful motor together with four stainless steel blades are used for crushing tough foods or ice efficiently within seconds. The power base is suspended to achieve fast cooling and convenient moving.

The most convenient accessory is the easily carried double duty cup. These cups are made of tritan material which is safe to use even for infants. The fitting lid is designed to be dustproof and non-leaking. You can enjoy your smoothies on the go conveniently. Moreover, all the accessories are dishwasher safe to save the time for cleaning.


  • Easy operation by pressing the cup for blending
  • Easy to take away double duty cups
  • Tritan cups
  • Slag remover included
  • Affordable price and lightweight


  • Perfect only for single use


10. Braun JB7350 – Countertop blender

Braun JB7350 is an extremely powerful blender with a 1000W motor which allows the blending of even the toughest ingredients. This blender is also very durable with the unique design which is called Braun’s metal power drive. This technique provides a better gear installation in order to reduce noise and enhance a better blending.

All the accessories are easy to clean. The blades can be detachable simply to maximize the user’s comfort.

This blender has three modes which are smoothies, chop and ice crush so you can decide the appropriate program to use it for the best result. Furthermore, Braun blender also gives you the flexibility on choosing speeds and pulse function in order to achieve a perfect texture.

Braun JB7350 is definitely a perfect choice for smoothie lovers for its powerful performance and affordable price. It will be a smart investment for your health in long- term usage.


  • Powerful 1000W motor
  • All accessories are easy to clean
  • Durability meets intuitive design
  • Easy to use with different programs, speeds and pulse mode


The plastic lids should be cleaned and used with care.


How You Should Choose The Best Blender Under $100?

There are many factors which you have to consider while buying a blender under $100 such as blending capacity, portability, price ranges, durability, container materials etc. These points will contribute to final performance to get a perfect smoothie.

You will definitely get a premium blender with a great budget. However, there are many affordable blenders which are available on the market with great features and powerful performance. The most important thing is your consideration which feature is of your top requirement then you can reach to your final decision. The followings are some features to be analyzed and compared before buying a blender under $100

The motor power

The motor rating power will be measured in watt unit. Each blender will have a dedicated rating power.  The higher the power, the more powerful the blender is. Therefore, it will depend on your requirement to choose the most appropriate one. Some blenders have more than 2000 watt motors for heavy task such as ice or nuts crushing. On the other hand, the 350 to 500 watt blender is a perfect choice for personal use which is suitable for making smoothies, milk shakes, juices, sauces or other healthy drinks.

The Blades

The blade is one of the most vital part of any blender. It will vary in shape, size and materials depending on manufacturers. A good blade is recommended to be of stainless steel material for high quality and durability. Moreover, it should be removed and cleaned easily.

The blade should also be sharp to bring the smooth operation in the fastest manner. A well-designed blade will contribute greatly to the overall performance of the blender. It will ensure all the ingredients are cut, grinded and mixed absolutely to bring a delicious smoothie.

Speed settings

The speed settings will help to keep a precise and consistent speed throughout the blending process to ensure the best result. Furthermore, the speed will also decide the duration for blending from seconds to minutes based on your input fruits and other ingredients. Especially, the frozen fruits require longer time to be crushed into smooth texture.

It is recommended that you should choose multi functions and variable speed settings blender for a flexible usage. An additional and valuable function is pulse control. This function will greatly help to create smoother texture for your smoothie.

Jar capacity

You can base on your need to choose the appropriate jar capacity. Normally, the portable blender can server up to 02 people. In case you need to make a large batch of drinks for a party or a whole family at once time then you should look for a big container.

Amazingly, there are some blenders with changeable jars to server most of user’s need. The jar size is measured in ounces and above 60 oz is a large size for a whole family to enjoy healthy drinks.

Jar material

Normally, the blending jar is usually made from plastic or glass. The glass jar will be rigid, sturdy. However, it is heavier comparing with plastic material. Furthermore, the glass jar is also more expensive than plastic one.

However, the glass jar can also be broken if the ingredients is extremely tough such as ice, nuts or seeds. In this case, a Tritan container will be a good idea for a durable one. If your final choice is plastic, please keep in mind to find the “BPA-free” type in order to ensure the safety for your health.

Power cord

The power cord is also a feature to be considered while buying a blender. The longer the power cord is, the easier it will be in electrical connection. This will help you to be flexible in choosing the blending location even far away from the power socket. You should base on your kitchen or your home arrangement and then choose the appropriate power cord length to make sure it will be easy to connect conveniently.

Noise level

The blender should operate as silently as possible in order not to create a lot of noises and achieve a smooth performance. The sound level of most blenders are within acceptable range. However, if some parts are broken then the noise will rise up rapidly. Normally, the more expensive the blender, the less noise it will create. Therefore, you should find out more on this matter and choose the appropriate one.

Ease of cleaning

It is really a waste of time to spend hours for cleaning all the parts and accessories of the blender. Therefore, all manufacturers will try to create easy to clean or dishwasher safe parts for the comfort of users. You should also pay attention while cleaning plastic jar by avoiding using hot water.


Frequently asked questions

What is the best inexpensive blender?

If you have a small budget for a blender then the Nutribullet NBR and Magic Bullet are quite good choices. Both blenders are elegant, powerful, durable and have many attached accessories for various usage. However, their capacity is small and will be suitable for personal use only.

In case you require a blender for a whole family then Ninja Professional with 72 oz countertop container is an ideal choice. This blender is durable with reasonable price while still have a large blending jar for making a large batch of drink.

How much should I spend on a blender?

This will depend mostly on your personal requirements and economic situation. If you intend to invest a low budget for this item, you still can get very good choices of blenders that are under $100. In case your budget is bigger then you can consider up to $500 to get a high grade blender with powerful performance and multifunction feature.

Are glass blenders better than plastic?

Both of glass and plastic materials are suitable for blender jars to perform all blending tasks. Glass container is heavier than plastic one but it is rigid and easy to clean. The plastic jar is better with “BPA-free” and high-grade material in order to ensure the durability and user’s health. Most of all, you should choose dishwasher safe material to save your time on cleaning task.

Which blender is best for crushing ice?

Not all of the blenders are suitable for crushing ice. In order to perform this task, you should choose a high-quality blender with powerful and high torque motor together with durable blades. Ninja professional or Hamiltion Beach are the blenders to be consider for this task. Thanks to their high-power rating motor with durable blades and pitcher, they can ensure the ice or even frozen fruits crushing will be done effortlessly.

Can you put hot liquid in a plastic blender?

Hot water should not be put into a plastic blender since it can deform the jar totally and damage the pitcher shape. You can use a damp cloth with warm water only to clean the blender. On the other hand, you can always choose a glass blender avoid the damages by high temperature at all time.



Healthy drinks become an indispensable part of everyday life thanks to their help in improving immune system and fighting against diseases in the most natural way. Therefore, a blender is a must-have item for your home to extract the nutritious part of all foods. It is a belief that a blender is quite expensive to invest but you still can get one with affordable price that under $100.

We have listed down the top 10 blenders under $100 but are powerful and durable. They are analyzed both in term of price and functions. Therefore, you can have a smart investment on this item for your own or as a gift to your beloved friends and family. You can now enjoy your active life to the most with a bottle of healthy smoothie everyday on the go.

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