[TOP 15] Best Small Wine Coolers Reviews In 2021

15 Best Small Wine Coolers Reviews, Tips & Guides

Are you looking for an intelligent solution to keeping your wine always cool? We hereby provide the list of the best small wine coolers. With these compact refrigerators, you can have cool wine easily when having a wonderful journey in a boat or staying at home.

As the quality of wine depends on the light and temperature outside, you should place all your wine bottles in the right environment for protection. Even the smallest change can affect the aroma of the wine. Hence, controlling the temperature and lighting is the important factor in preventing a quick aging process and keeping your wine always fresh and delicious.

There are many factors for your consideration such as a large wine cooler for maturation cabinets, or decorative coolers under the counters, or just a simple machine to keep some bottles of wine at home. Do not worry about it as all these best wine refrigerators are small and functional, so you can put it stand-alone at your apartment or bring it everywhere you want. For those people who do not have much experience in choosing the best small wine fridge, you can find your list as a useful guideline. All of the useful information will be provided in this article.

Best Small Wine Coolers

Top 15 Best Small Wine Coolers

1. Nutrichef PKCWC120 Refrigerator.

The first product in our collection of the best wine coolers is the PKCWC120 model from Nutrichef. This unit has a 12-bottle capacity that you can preserve both white and red wine. The cooling system is the first outstanding feature. With a supreme compressor, you can adjust the unit’s temperature for a short time or a long time. Hence, this model is suitable for stand-alone installation.

The next breakthrough of this unit is the designed circulation fan inside and ventilation grill. Moreover, it is also equipped with LED lights. Thanks to the tempered glass door together with an airtight design, you can keep your wine in the best condition. This model is the top choice for home décor that can be fit in any corner in your place.

Above all, the manufacturer offers excellent customer service. All products are guaranteed within 1 year and any feedback will be solved quickly for years later.


  • This model comes with an attractive design that can fit in any kind of home décor
  • Users can control the temperature
  • This wine cooler comes at a low price.


  • Users should check and maintain this machine many times.


2. Kalamera 15-Inch Wine Cooler

The next wine cooler on our list is the outstanding product from the Kalamra brand name. With a 15-inch dimension, you can hold up to 30 bottles of wine with 750ml capacity. Hence, this wine cooler is not space consuming.

The first key feature of this wine refrigerator is the two-layer tempered glass doors to ensure airtightness. That means all the wine bottles are kept cool with little interference. This function makes the Kalamera models leave other rivals standing.

Even though you are not good at technology, you can find no difficulties when using this wine cooler. What you have to do is to operate the one-touch button and set the control on display. One more outstanding feature of this unit is the noisy-free vibration system. It runs quietly while keeping the efficient performance for cooling your wine.

Next, the easy-assembled design can make you feel more comfortable. You can place this wine fridge under the counter or let it stand alone. During the period of service life, you can send any feedback or concerns to the manufacturer. Professional customer service can solve all your problems.

The unnoticeable issue of this wine cooler is the single space that you can adjust the temperature for different types of wine.


  • User-friendly design with a one-touch button
  • All cabinet feet’s height can be changed according to your preference
  • This wine cooler is compact.
  • Double layers of tempered glass for the best wine preservation.


  • It does not have separate space for a particular wine


3. Kalamera 15 Inch Wine Cooler.

Are you a wine lover? Are you looking for a large wine refrigerator that can contain many wine bottles at home? The Kalamera 15 inch is the top choice on our list to keep your wine perfectly.

With modern technology, this unit runs with low noise and vibration. Therefore, you can place it at any corner of your home without any disturbances. Moreover, your wine maintains its perfect taste after a long time of preservation.

Thanks to the wine cooler temperature setting control, the unit can restart the operation immediately after the power cut off. Hence, your wine is always in the best condition. With the sleek design made of stainless steel materials as well as the double layers of a tempered glass door, this wine fridge is worth its price.

The interior blue LED lighting is soft enough for you to enjoy your wonderful time with friends and family without annoying. Furthermore, your wine bottles will be kept by six wood racks that are designed to ensure air circulation. Finally, your wine cooler is also prevented from any odors because of the equipped carbon filter inside.


  • Comes with a double layers tempered door with a seal for safety lock
  • Users can detach and remove all cracks inside with ease
  • The compressor ensures the low noise and vibration


  • This model is quite expensive


4. Phiestina 46 Bottle Wine Cooler.

This wine cooler from Phiestina is the right way to enjoy your wine any time. With this model, you can enjoy the perfect wine taste with your friends and family easily.

All the highlighted features of this model are listed hereby. Firstly, the portable dimensions of 23.4 x 22.4 x 33 inches are extremely flexible for assembling. This means that you can leave it stand alone in your kitchen or bring it together with your journey. Moreover, this unit can also be placed in the cupboards, books shelves, or even the table in your kitchen. You can be a wine connoisseur wherever you want.

With the high-quality compressor and air controlling system, this wine fridge operates smoothly. In this flow, the air is circulated inside thoroughly. Moreover, the front ventilation system is also equipped so all heat can be removed from the front.

The next outstanding feature of this product is the temperature setting control. There is no need to guess. You can set and observe the whole process at the proper temperature. Different temperature zones for different drinks can be adjusted based on your demand.

If you are those people who take portability into account, this best small wine fridge is a top choice. With five detachable shelves as well as two stoppers on each side of this unit, the users can adjust the inside space easily.

These interior trays are designed optimally so that you can store many wine bottles without space consumption. What you should do is to fill the mini-fridge with your favorite wine.

The reason why Phiestina is one of the best wine refrigerators is the capacity. It can hold up to 46 bottles of wine from different types: red, white, rose, sodas, cola, champagne, and other drinks.


  • This unit is designed with a kick plate
  • It has two zones so you can put many types of beverage.
  • The inside shelves can be removed easily.


  • There are no noticeable cons of this model.


5. Colzer Upgrade 15 Inch Wine Cooler.

It will be missing if we do not count the Colzer Upgrade 15 Inch in the list of the best mini wine coolers. The attractive oak wine rack is equipped with a sophisticated model that offers the best choice for wine lovers. Users can enjoy the aroma thanks to the wine cellar at home.

The Colzer is a famous brand name, so it undoubtedly offers excellent international standards and modern technology. Therefore, the service life is at least 8 years. This model operates without an energy-consuming setting at a low vibration. Moreover, the air control settings technology allows the proper temperature for each wine bottle as well as the air circulation within this wine fridge.

During the time of preservation, all wine bottles can be kept at the right temperature. All you should do is to set the control panel with a user-friendly LCD.


  • This model comes with a sleek design
  • The doors is locked with 2 key for airtightness
  • LCD for easy tracking.


  • It is quite costly


6. BODEGA 15” Wine Cooler

The next product on our list of the best small wine fridges is the BODEGA 15-inch model. For wine lovers, air circulation must be taken into account, as it is really important for wine quality. The Bodega is equipped with air circulation technology, so all wine bottles are kept at the right temperature. The air is also circulated into every corner of this unit.

This freestanding wine cooler comes with stable sliding cracks made of eucalyptus. Moreover, the double-layer magnetic door with glass can maintain the perfect temperature for your wine.  To avoid the aging process, this wine cooler is built with an advanced compressor to prevent shock absorption. Therefore, it works with low noise that you can place it in any corner of your kitchen.

Do not worry about the temperature as this factor can be controlled. The average temperature from 41 to 68°F is tracked and shown on the LCD. In addition, the device is very user-friendly. Even though you are not so good at technology, you can process this unit conveniently.

As we have noted above, the door is made of high-quality glass to protect the wine bottles from UV. As a result, the perfect temperature inside is always kept to ensure the best conditions for wine preservation.

One more reason that makes this unit the top choice on our list is the portability. With four adjustable feet, you can have your wine cooler stand on the floor stably. This modern design ensures your wine is in the good condition.

Moreover, the advanced quality of carbon filtration technology ensures the perfect environment for your wine and avoids annoying odors.


  • Safety locks are equipped to ensure that your children do not open the wine cooler often.
  • Anti-UV protection technology applied.
  • Two-layer tempered glasses for the proper temperature inside.


  • It is quite costly.


7. Best 15” Wine Cooler

If you want to have more cool bottles of wine, the 30-bottle wine fridge with 15 inches from Colzer is the best choice. This machine is suitable to hold champagne as all oak shelves are divided by 3.5-inch space.

One of the drawbacks of this compact unit is that it might not be used for wider-based rose or extra wide-bottom bottles of wine. Therefore, you should check the bottle diameter first to make sure that this unit can fit your demand.

We think that this downside is not remarkable as you can find many outstanding features of this machine. Based on the recommended setting, you can adjust the temperature and humidity from 41 to 72°F. In this way, you can customize the setting control for a particular wine bottle like red, white, or special demands of use like quick serving or long-term keeping. The temperature will be controlled stably.

Thanks to its unique design of vibration absorption system, you can have a noisy-free machine at home. Moreover, four adjustable feet also help avoid the artificial wine aging issue. Wine lovers can enjoy the original flavor without acidity and impurities.

The machine is designed in a way that even though you do not have much experience of using this best wine refrigerator, you can find it easy to use. It is a one-touch button for the whole process. Furthermore, this machine can restart automatically with preset temperature in any case of sudden changes. You can turn the blue light operation whenever you want.

The long-term service life is up to 10 years. During this time, all your feedback and concerns will be solved quickly. Professional customer service is the added value of this compact wine cooler model.


  • The unique design for smooth operation
  • This wine cooler can hold up to 30 bottles of wine
  • One-touch button for simple use and control


  • It is quite costly.


8. Best 12” Wine Cooler

We would like to note the best 12’’ wine cooler from Kalamera on our list due to its compact size, smooth operation with low noise and sophisticated design.

With the size of 12 inches, you can put this machine in any corner of your counter. It also the best choice of connecting with a recreational vehicle. All the highlighted features of this fridge include a simple button for using, UV protection function with two-layer glass. This model is also designed with a carbon filter for avoiding odors. Moreover, this machine will restart automatically to the preset temperature in case of power outage.

However, it does not stop there. You will find this machine flexible as it can keep up to 18 bottles of wine. There are many sliding wood racks for adjustment. Especially, the highest shelf of this machine is approximately 4 inches; hence, you can put many large bottles such as deluxe Chardonnay wine or a special size bottle from Provence or Rhone.

One more feature of this unit is that you can turn off the blue light if it works too strong. The door handle can be detached easily.


  • This wine cooler can hole up to 18 bottles so you can put it at home or bring it along with your boat journey.
  • The wooden racks can be adjusted.
  • The blue light is soft and can be turned off.


  • There is no remarkable downside for this wine cooler.


9. Nutrichef 12 Bottle Wine Refrigerator.

Nutrichef 12 Bottle Wine Refrigerator is another product on our list of the best wine cooler. With the perfect 12-bottle storage, users can keep 12 bottles of red or white wine in the same place. This model is equipped with an advanced cooling system and temperature control. Moreover, it also has a circulation fan and ventilation grill for the best environmental condition.

You will be attracted at the first sight when seeing this unit’s decorative design. Firstly, this wine cooler has a tempered glass door to ensure a stable temperature for a long time. Moreover, this model is suitable for both freestanding or countertop installation.

Thanks to the modern cooling system, users will be satisfied with the quiet operation. Moreover, customer service is also an additional value. A 1-year warranty is offered for all users with excellent customer service.


  • This wine cooler has a unique design.
  • This unit works smoothly without any noise
  • It comes at a reasonable price


  • It does not have a large space for storage.


10. Antarctic Star 18-Bottle Wine Cooler

Antarctic Star 18-Bottle Wine Cooler is worth be putting on the shortlist of the best wine coolers. For wine lovers, heat is the most essential factor that can affect the quality of the wine. With this model, you will never face the problem of heat because it preserves your wine bottle in the best condition. The temperature is always set at approximately 40°F- 61°F. You can also change the temperature settings for your demands. Please remember the perfect heat is around 55°F.

This wine cooler records a high score as it can support the perfect light and humidity. With the tempered glass door, the air is control tightly. This small wine fridge has a compact and sophisticated design to fit in any home décor. Moreover, the interior light ensures an attractive design as well as keeps the best wine inside.

This wine cooler is perfect for any type of drink from red wine to white wine bottles, from canned beer to other beverages. With horizontal racking, you can put all your favorite drinks in the space-saving wine cooler.

Many customers take into account the smooth operation when choosing the best small wine cooler. With the modern cooling system, this machine surely satisfies such a requirement of operation. This machine also keeps your wine at the proper temperature. All the cracks can be removed without any effort. You can adjust all machine feet for the desired height.


  • Made of the high quality materials to keep the proper cooling temperature
  • The design is compact but space-efficient.


  • There has been no remarkable issue so far


11. Antarctic Star 1.6 Cu. Ft. Wine Cooler.

Do you want to keep both red and white wines for chilling at home with your friends and family? Consider the Antarctic Star 1.6 as one of the best mini wine fridges.

For those wine connoisseurs, the good taste depends on the environmental condition. Hence, you should choose a wine fridge with a modern design and advanced compressor for proper temperature. This model is all you need as it comes with great design and many features. It ensures the aesthetic appearance and practicality of all wine lovers.

To preserve wine properly, this wine cooler is equipped with energy-efficient cooling technology. In this way, you can enjoy the perfect taste. Moreover, this unit operates quietly and leaves no sediment as well. You can store this machine in any corner of your home, as it will not annoy you.

Regarding temperature, you will be happy to know that the average temperature is around 40°F- 61°F. However, you can adjust the temperature based on your demand for different types of wines. The control panel is built outside of the unit to avoid the effects of your wine when making some changes. There is a division inside this fridge. The large cabinet is installed with a hand-touch pane, and the temperature of other cabinets can be adjusted by rotating the button easily.

To keep the airtightly, the door is built with double glass. This construction ensures the wine cooler stays safe from UV rays and outside temperature.  Moreover, the stainless steel shelves also are the key feature that keeps this wine cooler longer time of use. You can adjust the racks for different sizes of wine bottles. That means you can preserve wine, beer, or other drinks you like.

Like other wine refrigerators on the market, this model is equipped with LED light. The purple color is soft so that you can feel convenient and see the amount in each wine bottle inside.


  • Smooth operation so you can feel convenient
  • LCD display for settings.
  • All beverages are kept in the best environmental condition


  • This wine cooler is not suitable for keeping standard size bottles.


12. Ivation 12 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler Refrigerator

Different from other mini wine refrigerators on the market, the Ivation 12-bottle comes with an advanced compressor and air circulation technology so that the whole system operates quietly while still making sure the air transferred thoroughly inside.

With the user-friendly touch control button, you can adjust the temperature easily by tapping the display. Next, you can lock this cooler by the lock button. All the information is shown on the LCD, which you can observe clearly.

Thanks to the two-layer glass door, this unit is not only insulated inside but also protects from UV light outside. In this way, your wine bottles are always be kept in the perfect protection for delicious flavor. Moreover, this unit is integrated with the reinforced rubber gasket, so the air is always tightened.

You will find this wine cooler worth an investment with many sizes of bottles. You can arrange the space inside to hold from champagne to pinot noir.


  • You can set the stable temperature for your wine bottles
  • Soft LED light offers the convenience
  • This unit is suitable for many sizes of wine bottles


  • This model is not used for a great number of bottles.



Koolatron uses the thermoelectric technology to keep the temperature ideal inside. With the capacity of 8-bottle, the wine cooler ensures that you can use this model for both red and white wines. The cooling system prevents air vibration when being operated. Hence, your wine will be kept at the right temperature.

With the assembled dimensions of 21.5 x 12 x 19 inches, this wine fridge model fits perfectly on any kitchen countertops. You can enjoy the delicious wine at home perfectly. Do not worry about the space capacity as you can put even large size bottles by removing the adjustable racks.


  • One of the best small wine coolers that can fit easily on any countertops
  • Four detachable racks to ensure the best arrangement inside
  • Paned mirrored glass to protect all wine bottles from sunlight


  • This unit is quite small



The next product on our list is still from Koolatron with a 6-bottle capacity. Many customers review that they are satisfied with this space-saving wine cooler. So, this model is suitable for installing in condos, kitchens, and other small spaces. This is also one of the best mini wine cooler in our best that featured with outstanding mirrored-door design for the showpiece in home décor.

Let’s have a look at this special wine refrigerator. You can find a quiet and non-vibrated thermoelectric cooling system conveniently for use. It works silently without annoying you. Moreover, with the modern touch-screen for setting and controlling temperature, this unit can be used easily. Now, you can store your favorite bottle of wine inside and enjoy the delicious flavor.

By using this mini wine fridge model, you can preserve the original aroma of your wine. The special design prevents the bottle of wine inside from UV heating that can be the main reason for the quick deterioration. Although the capacity of this model is 6-bottle, you can remove wine racks to optimize the space inside. In this way, you will have enough space for different sizes of bottles.


  • UV protection design prevent the quick aging process
  • Integrated cooling system for the best environmental condition
  • This unit is space-saving


  • The small capacity of 6-bottle.



Are you ready to discover the next mini wine cooler with a capacity of 20 bottles? The next Koolatron is on our list thanks to its larger fridge so that customers can keep more bottles of wine at home. The dimensions are L 13 x D 12.75 x H 17.75 inches, which means the machine can stand freely or install on the countertop in the kitchen.

The first highlighted feature is the temperature control settings. All information is shown on the external display screen for your tracking and adjustment. You can set the ideal condition for red or white wines to customize the interior arrangement for your preference. You can also change the level of LED light from strong to soft.

For those wine lovers, the temperature and UV light are the main reason for damage. Hence, with the high-quality glass door, your wine bottles can be protected from the sunlight.

If the performance is your main concern, you will find no problems with this model. The Koolatron 20-bottle is integrated with the thermoelectric cooling system that avoids noise when operating.

Above all, this model from Koolatron is worth your budget. Let us have a try and enjoy your weekend party with tasty wine at home.


Buying guide

More and more people are choosing the best wine refrigerators for preservation. Wine lovers now can enjoy the beverage when travelling by an RV or on a boat journey or even stay at home with friends and family at the weekend. Wine refrigerators come in different sizes, so the first factor you should consider is your purpose of having a wine cooler. Do you want a compact unit for your short journey or your home? This section is aimed at helping clarify your doubts and thus enabling you to make the most valuable decision.

1. Prices:

You can find a wide range of price options when it comes to buying the best wine coolers. It may come no surprise that most inexpensive wine fridges tend to cause some noise when operating. Besides, cheaper machines also may not be very flexible and adjustable for assembly. Therefore, our recommendation is that you should choose the products from a famous brand. In this way, you will receive the best customer service without sacrificing anything.

If you search for a more affordable alternative, especially those on our list of the best wine coolers in this article, you will be satisfied with all the options. All the products are worth the investment as they come with a high-quality compressor. These products also come with aesthetic design with wood or chrome shelves. You also receive the best customer service for any concerns that may arise.

2. Wine cooler capacities:

Most of the best small wine fridges come in different sizes. The common bottle capacities are 8, 16, 18, 24, 28, and 32 items. However, these capacity figures refer to Bordeaux-style bottles.

Generally, the common compact wine refrigerators are designed with a base cabinet dimension of 15 inches. Other freestanding products have different dimensions.

3. Noise:

As noted above, some cheap wine coolers may cause noise when operating. It can be an issue, especially in small spaces. You should choose the best small wine fridge with a compressor or a high-quality thermoelectric technology for longer service life. Most compressors have a warranty time of 8-10 years and ensure to avoid louder noise.

4. Temperature:

All customers want to have a durable electric machine with low maintenance. In most cases, we recommend a single zone unit with a standard temperature of 55oF.

5. Purpose-designed Features

If you are seeking a small wine fridge for a boat or RV, you should read the instruction before installing it in any cabinet. You should check the front of this product. Otherwise, this wine cooler could get a high temperature and start a fire.

6. Warranty and customer service:

From our experience of using the best wine coolers, there are some common issues with your machine when it is new or you are beginners at using it. You should be noticed that the wine cooler might get damaged during transportation. Therefore, in this case, you can contact the manufacturer’s customer service to inform the problems.

Moreover, you should remember to install the wine cooler far from an oven. Most small wine refrigerators have thin sidewalls, so the heat from the oven can cause damage to your machine.



In this article, you are provided with the top 15 best wine coolers on the market that can fit in a boat, apartment, or RV. These products have common sizes of 12 or 15 inches. If you want to install this wine cooler under counter, you should choose the best product equipped with a compressor for longer service life.

Ideally, you should purchase a unit with wooden shelves that can adjust the height easily. Some best wine refrigerators have bottle-shaped holders, which are recommended for the boat journey to avoid super vibration. For wine lovers, these factors can be the main reason for wine aging acceleration. Hence, a large wine cooler is always the best choice for the multi-year preservation of wine. If not, the compact wine refrigerators are used for wine keeping in some weeks or traveling.

One more factor that should be taken into account is your wine collection purpose. For wine connoisseurs, they tend to collect many types of wine with the name of the manufacturer, sizes of bottles, and highlighted features. Most of the wine refrigerators are built-in common characteristics, some of which come with special designs that can leave the other rivals standing.

No matter how experienced you are, you can purchase the best mini wine cooler as a way of enjoying life with friends and family.

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